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Coffee Please - 3471 - 1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cara Hampton
Best manicure alternative

I cant believe how amazing these are! I have the thinnest nails that bend and break. Ive done gel, dip, and acrylic manicures trying to get them to grow and its hopeless. This photo is from a week after I put them on and Im not gentle with my nails. I can tell theyre already growing and are protected!

Teresa Lutke
These are fabulous!

I used these over my French manicure to keep my nails from chipping! They are amazing!

Strong, don't over trim

I usually use the Dashing Diva Glaze, but wasnt able to find clear and used these.They are a bit thick but very strong.I recommend leaving a bit extra when you trim them, then cure them, and then file down remainder for a smooth edge.

Andrea King
So many complements and easy to use!

I will never go back to a nail salon again!! These are so awesome and easy. No "sanding" down your nails. No sitting at the salon forever. Super simple and easy. I have been wearing these for the last 2 months and I cant tell you how many complements I get and they are amazed they aren't professionally done. And since wearing these I have been able to grow my nails out because they don't damage the nail bed and are easy to remove and put more on. I LOVE THEM!!

How To Use

Step 1

Prep & Choose size & apply

Step 2

Cut & Adjust

Step 3

Cure 60 Seconds & Trim to finish