Classic French Tip Almond-Shaped Semi Cured gel nail strips | Crystal Frost - 2402

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Experience timeless elegance with our Classic French Tip Almond-Shaped Semi Cured gel nail strips. Designed for effortless chic, these nails feature a soft pink base with pristine white tips that capture the essence of the traditional French manicure. 

Customer Reviews

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Gaylene L.
Great product.

Had on a week, not chipping, lifting and looks natural. Easy to put nails on!

They work. Follow instructions.

I was skeptic about buying due to the price. Decided to try once. Easy application. Just follow the instructions. Nail prep is the key. And press well around all the edges. They cured fine. I did 60 seconds twice to be sure. No problems. They are stuck on well. No lifting anywhere. Will be buying more styles for sure!


So cute and easy to use, glad there are extras some pop off but I have options to replace them. They last 2-3 wks
I always get compliments on how nice my nails look

Yup i.m.a.
Beautiful & last! Massage Therapist approved!

I am a massage therapist. This brand lasts me two weeks with no lift! I only need to remove the due to grow out. My hands are covered with oil for hours everyday plus many many handwashings. My trick is to use acetone to clean off my nails first then I press all the edges down with the wooden cuticle stick. After curing and shaping I use a clear gel curable topcoat, (make sure to coat/seal the tips and edges so bacteria cannot get in). After 1 full week of wear, I will check the edges and if needed do a little file and recoat with the clear gel topcoat. Dani & Toni have the best stretch to fit of all the brands I have tried.
I could never get such great results with just gel polish. I have tried a variety of their semi cured strips they are so pretty. I stick to the more basic and modest colors and designs for professional reasons and I recieve so many compliments. Totally worth the $16 every 2 weeks!!


In love with these. They do not ripple or lift up on the edges. Great sizes to fit all types of nail. Just placed another order. Definitely recommend.

Better than the salon

The semi cured nails are amazing! They are super easy to apply (even for a first timer), and look amazing on your real nails or even artificial ones. I will definitely be a repeat customer!