Whimsical Starry Sheer Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips with Silver Accents | Glee - 2468

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Aubrey L.
Cat Eye

Mesmorizing to look at, lots of fun to use these gel nails!

Want to try more

This is a good nail set to have, it is a good balance for solid and french tip options

Adds a nice touch of glitter

I wore Glee over a set of white press-ons, and it added a perfect amount of sparkle to an otherwise plain manicure ✨ Danni & Toni sets are a nice thickness- they cure hard and feel substantial, but they are thin enough to comfortably layer over something like press-ons without feeling too bulky.

If you’re thinking about getting this set, consider how long you usually wear your nails. The press-ons were slightly longer than my normal nail length, and the stars fit perfectly on my ring finger. At my normal nail length, I could flip the strip around to still fit both stars on my nail, but then I would miss out on that lovely cuticle glitter.

Next time I plan on wearing them over a darker color so the glitter and stars stand out even more 💕

Maxiel A.
My Nails But Better (MNBB)

Glee has beautiful subtle silver glitters and silver stars. It has a clear/transparent base which I don’t usually gravitate towards because it shows all my nail imperfections but the glitters are oh so sparkly that I knew I would like to try this set. The glitters can be placed around the cuticles or at the tips, whichever you prefer. The perfect MNBB look if that’s what you’re looking for. Subtle enough for work and lasted me about 2 weeks. Also was a dream to apply! Love Danni & Toni!

Mandi B.
Definitely Glee Inducing..

This clear set with glitter cuticles and dainty stars is perfect to add a little sparkle to your nails. It's beautiful!! I literally gasped when I opened it; the glitter is SUPERB. Wear it over your natural nails, a solid set, or polish to jazz up any look!

Z P.
Need to use the lamp

Very nice nails at a reasonable price