Champagne Sparkle Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strips | Serene Sunset - 2542

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Discover the allure of our champagne sparkle Gel Nail Strips, the perfect addition to your beauty routine for a polished and shimmering finish. These semi-cured gel strips feature a sophisticated champagne shade infused with fine glitter, creating a radiant effect that complements any outfit. 

Application: Cure in 60-90 seconds with a UV nail lamp
Wear time: Up to 14 days
Removal process: Remove with included stick or nail remover

Customer Reviews

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serene sunset nails review

This is basically like a nude tone nail set with sparkles added on. I wanted to try it because I never saw this particular style before. The quality seems to be durable gel and not easy to damage. The color is good for people who like nude nails but with some extra flair.

Ava M.
Love Them!

Wanted this kind of style for a while and they are as good as I hoped!

Li W.
For all ages

I'm a grandmother (63) and still like making my nails! These are better than the salon and you don't need to leave the house to do them.

J T.
Needs UV lamp to work well

At first I got the nails without the nail lamp and they weren't staying on well. Make sure you get one and use for 60-90 or you won't get very good results~!

Better than other brands

After trying most of the big nail brands, I think Danni Toni is the best one because of the style selection and reliability. The prices are fair and can get good styles on sale.