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Experience the ultimate in chic simplicity with our Minimalist Nude Matte Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips. These nails are the perfect choice for anyone seeking a polished yet understated look, featuring a soft nude shade with a contemporary matte finish. 

Customer Reviews

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M. G.
Easy to apply

They work well, comparable to other gel strips

Cheaper than salon and faster than DIY bio gel nails

My nails are extremely thin, and soft. I was looking for a cheaper option than going to the salon, and a faster option than doing my own biogel. So far, these are exactly that and Im a lot more impressed than I was expecting to be based on other reviews.

Some things to keep in mind: these arent strong enough to be used stand-alone as a proper nail extension as theyre not strong enough after curing. The consistency is similar to a cured shellac gel, with a bit more pliability. I just wanted a tip slightly longer than my actual nail and it worked great- they cure hard enough to shape/ file.

The set comes with some prep tools that are really helpful which I ended up appreciating a lot more than I expected.

I cant speak to longevity at this time and will check back but so far Im impressed. I recommend putting a clear shellac top coat on makes the overlay look more like a manicure.

Update: 1 set of these nails (+shellac top coat) lasted me a little over a week which Im still quite satisfied with for how fast/easy/cheap they were. Each set comes with 2 pairs and 14 nails per set so you can pick to fix as you go if there are issues or just ride to the end and have 2 sets. Honestly I wouldnt wear these alone without a top coat and if you didnt do this, youd probably only get a few days of nice wear out of this product. The bottom is sticky so by not sealing the bottom, dirt and things can get stuck in it. Again, the texture is quite soft, like a gel polish but less brittle when cured, so this would not work as an extension but great as an overlay. Will repurchase.

J K.
Very easy to apply

This molds to my existing finger nail. That's very good for odd shaped finger nails. I've bought these twice.

The Perfect Nude

I love Tint Nude! It’s the perfect nude shade for my light tan skin. It’s very chic and classy looking. I wear these a lot because they go with every look.

Jana S.
Wonderful nude tone 💕

I definitely LOVE that one!
- Tint Nude.

Pretty Light Nails

These nails are good for everyday wear, people will think you got a normal manicure outside and they go well in any situation