Sapphire Shine Almond-Shaped Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips | Astral Dive - 3498

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Unleash the boldness of a midnight sky with our Sapphire Shine Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips. The enchanting deep blue hue captures the essence of a starlit night, finished with a mesmerizing metallic sheen that glistens with every movement.

Customer Reviews

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Easy to use. Look great

I would suggest filing the edges around your cuticles since they catch things as they grow out. I love these though! So easy and even dealing with high heat and constantly washing hands and dishes at work they have lasted almost 2 weeks so far! No chips or peeled edges! My nails are actually growing!

Kara S.
Worth it

Honestly, I had such high hopes for these. The gel nail strip is thick and feels high quality compared to similar nail strips. However, my nails started to crack less than 2 days after application. I followed the instructions directly. This is my first time using this brand of gel nail strips, so I am unsure if it is just the color I chose or if all of the strips crack. I am pretty sad about it.because they looked so nice for the first hour.