Mystic Magenta Chrome Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips | Rose Radiance - 2431

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Dive into the captivating allure of our Mystic Magenta Chrome Gel Nail Strips. These semi-cured strips showcase a vibrant magenta hue with a mesmerizing chrome finish that shifts and shines from every angle. Ideal for those who love to make a bold statement, these nail strips are designed to mimic a professional chrome manicure without the hassle or cost. They're incredibly easy to apply, stay chip-free, and maintain a brilliant luster for up to two weeks.

Customer Reviews

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Kristen C.
Gorgeous But Sensitive

These nails are absolutely gorgeous. I used a basecoat since I read the statement about imperfections showing easily. They were very tricky with the underlying layer showing through. My major issue was, the clear coat that was on the nail, in addition to any clear coat I put on top of the nail. Everything would separate and fall off

Fun Nails with Nice Design

I ordered these nails for the Christmas season and was happy to get them so fast. They are pretty easy to apply and are still lasting well on my fingers. Would recommend to try out!

Beautiful chrome design!

Rose Radiance is a gorgeous chrome set with beautiful glitters. ✨ Due to the nature of chrome design, they are more likely to show imperfections if you don't prep your nails. I would like to recommend: 1. Use a base coat that will smooth your nail surfaces before applying the strips. 2. Be gentle when you file and do it in a single direction.
This set required some patience during the application. But I am happy with the outcome. They are so unique and beautiful! 🥰

Monica H.
Cute pink chrome nails!

These nails aren’t my usual style, but they turned out really cute! I love the unique chrome color with pink outlines. It feels very Y2K-esq! Application was quick and easy as usual.

Mandi B.
Silver/Rose Chrome Aura!

Rose Radiance is a gorgeous light rosy pink chrome aura set! The shine is on point. It's a chrome finish so if you like a metallic effect you'll love this one. The sizing is also a great aspect to point out...a broad range of different widths that will suit every nail shape. Chrome finishes can be tricky, because of their tendency to not appear smooth on the nail. I wore one layer of a ridge filler underneath, and was really impressed at how smooth the strip looked....definitely better than the chromes from other brands! Just be gentle when you file, you have to use a soft grit to even the edges or the color might come up...but the file provided has a soft side, so if you use that you'll be good to go!