Starry Glamour French Tip Semi Cured gel nail strips with Silver Glitter | Starry Serenade - 2427

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Step into a world of sparkle and charm with our Starry Glamour French Tip Semi Cured gel nail strips. Adorned with a captivating silver glitter gradient at the tips, these nails are crowned with an elegant star design that adds a touch of celestial wonder. 

Customer Reviews

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J E.
Prettier than I imagined

Starry Serenade looks better than I imagined and stays fresh looking for the 2 weeks I have had them on. I receive many compliments with them and other nails from Danni & Toni.

Veronica C.
Sparkle in a neutral mani

I’m a fan of D&T semi cured gel strip. The wide fits my nail bed perfectly. If you like a bit of sparkle at the tips and a milky base this mani has it! I do wish that the stars were sparkling as well as oppose to black as in my opinion seems like after thought and not as cohesive as I would’ve like and in comparison to other D&T mani sets this was not my favorite due to the design. French designs are really tough to line up with your nails. I wish the French tip was smaller so that natural nails can line up much better.

Shelly M.
Starry Serenade Perfection

This is a very simple, subdued design with a milky base, a little star on each strip and light glitter along the top. They applied very easily and smooth. The extras included are such a nice surprise. You get cuticle scissors and a file. It also comes with alcohol pads, but in my experience those are always dried out. Overall I would definitely recommend these to others.


This design is simpler but still cute! I like how it's neutral so very easy to wear but has the black sparkle and the glitter french to jazz it up. The smile line is generally in a great place and looks good!
Nice and thick when I apply but still very malleable. I accidentally picked sizes that were slightly too big for me though - and it didn't help that I have significantly rounder cuticles than these strips are shaped, so I had to do some slicing after I applied them.

I did notice that the sparkle French isn't equal density across the two sheets - all but my pointer finger came from one sheet but my pointer from the other sheet was way denser and sparklier.

Also, my pointer finger on my other hand (also from the sparklier sheet) chipped already after a full day - not sure why that happened.

Overall pretty cute and very wearable though - neutral colors means it matches all kinds of outfits and is simpler yet still cute!

(I received this product free for my honest review.)

Shelly G.
Monochromatic with some sparkle

I received this set to review. I found the application to be a pleasure as the strips were soft and stretchy, very easy to work with. I love silver glitter and glitter French tips. This set is rather monochromatic so if that’s your style, you’ll love these!