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Fun & Festive Nails for Cinco De Mayo

Fun & Festive Nails for Cinco De Mayo


Cinco de Mayo officially commemorates Mexico's victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Interestingly enough though, the holiday is more popular in the US than in Mexico itself. Growing from being celebrated first in Southern California, it now is known for enjoying the outside weather, while eating Mexican food and drinking alcohol (especially beer and margaritas).

Even if you are not a bar person, you can have a fun time to celebrate the holiday. Here are a couple of suggestions that you could try:

  • Fire up your Spotify or Apple Music account and put on some Mexican music playlist. The joyous and active type of music is sure to bring happy spirit to wherever you are. Don’t know where to start? Try some popular Mexican artists, which you can find on lists like this.
  • Do some Mexican crafts with the family… either drawing a Mexican flag or trying to make a Mexican style folk painting – depending on your artist and patience level!

Now that have you some activities ready - what type of gel manicures might you want to use for this fun occasion to give your fingers a little bit of festive pizzaz? We have a few ideas, but really any types of styles can go well for this fun holiday.



Of course, the colors of the Mexican flag are red, white, and green – so any nails in those colors work great. If you have any of these shades in your collection, you could break one of them out. Or you could also use a combination of those colors and alternate them on your fingers!

At Danni & Toni, we have some of these color gel nail wraps that will work with this occasion. Given the festive mood and these three colors, the Fuss & Fight option can do well on Cinco de Mayo and beyond:

 Fuss & Fight Nails


Get Your Shine On

Cinco de Mayo is not a day you need to be refined or subtle. That means that you can bring out some the more exciting and outlandish nails in your collection. Metallic and glitter ones particularly will work great for it!

Going with gold or silver can be fun, or using some glitter pattern designs also works. For example, you could try something like The Red Desert, which blends together fun gold patterns, together with some festive red highlights.

 The Red Desert Nails

California Styles

As mentioned, Cinco de Mayo was first celebrated in the US in California, and it might still be the most fun place in the world to participate in the holiday (just check out all the events in the LA area alone)! So why not use some of the fun DIY nails from Danni & Toni’s Sunset Blvd collection?

Actually, all of the nails in this collection would fit super well for the holiday. Its hard for us to even choose one to highlight, but if we’d have to do so then the Coastline of California nails would be one set that you definitely can’t go wrong with!

 California Coastline


Do Your Own Thing

Cinco De Mayo is all about fun and individuality, so you don’t need to follow a certain type if you prefer another way. See what type of Danni & Toni nails you have around and give yourself a simple and fast home manicure with our nails and UV lamp. And meanwhile, if your collection is getting low, stock up on some more colors and styles so that you are ready for whatever holiday comes along.


And Don’t Forget…

Right after Cinco de Mayo is another great holiday – Mother’s Day! We’ve also prepared a whole article on ideas to spend Mother’s Day by yourself, your, family, or with your mom – including making your own family gel nail bonding experience!



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