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How to Make a Mother’s Day Nail Bonding Experience

How to Make a Mother’s Day Nail Bonding Experience

Mothers Day Nails

How to Make a Mother’s Day Nail Bonding Experience

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to treat yourself to a fun and relaxing experience. Afterall, you work hard all year for your family – so there is no better chance to take a break from it all! If you are nearby your mom, then its also a chance to do something for her.

Here are just a few ideas you could do for Mother’s Day for yourself or your mother:

  • Go to a spa or massage – enjoy some time by yourself
  • Have breakfast in bed
  • Stay at a fun boutique hotel for the weekend nearby
  • Go camping with the family
  • Enjoy some homemade smoothies or bubble tea
  • Have a fun day trip to the beach or a pool
  • Do a family photoshoot together to have a long-lasting memory

There are numerous other types of family-friendly activities you could do, based on your interests and the age of those involved. So pick on that works for you and get ready for some fun.


Mother’s Day Nail Bonding

At Danni & Toni, we have another exciting idea to enjoy your time as a mom and kid – a family-friendly nail Mother's Day party activity! You can even bring your mom in together to make it a multi-generation experience.

Important Note: Danni & Toni nails are completely non-toxic and safe for the family. However, an adult should always be around their children when putting on the nail strips, and an adult should be the only one handling scissors with children.



Pick out your favorite nails from your collection for the occasion. We recommend some flower or colorful ones that reflect the fun of the season. Can’t decide on a single one? Get an awesome Danni & Toni Mother's Day nail gift set that has everything included together. Luckily for you, two versions of them are on sale right now!

 Nail Strips Set


Gather some interesting snacks and drinks together. You may want some wine for yourself and some nice juice or sparkling cider for the youngsters. Make it an even more fun experience with some candles around that give a nice mood and smell.



Get the materials together - including the nails, file, and cotton pad – and a nice comfortable place to sit together with your child. Then clean your fingers before putting the gel nails on.

 Nail Kit


Let your child choose the colors they want to use for their nails (its ok to mix and match!). Then carefully peel off the nail strips and place them on your hand (or each other’s).



Carefully cut the excess nail strip area, leaving extra so that you don’t cut too close to the nail. Then file the excess area down to the area of the nail.

 Mom and Child Nails


Once the nails are on the way you like, use a 6w UV nail lamp on each hand for about one minute each hand to harden the nails. Be sure to not keep your hand under the lamp for too long or let it overheat.



Buff the nails, and you are ready to go! Show off your hands with some nice pictures and celebrate with some food together or another activity in the list above.

Hands Final


Even though the activity is for Mother’s Day – you’ll have a longer time remembering the activity, as Danni & Toni gel nails last for 2 weeks without cracking or peeling. So enjoy all your normal activities with your fun and matching nails!

Want to get a head start on the summer? Check out our guide for 3 Effortless Tips for Summer Beauty Looks and get ready to have an enjoyable season ahead.



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