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Get salon-worthy nails from the comfort of your home with Alluring - 2490. These semi-cured gel nail strips make it easy to achieve a flawless and long-lasting manicure. Say goodbye to chipping and smudging, and hello to beautiful nails that will make you feel confident and put-together.

💅Easy Application ⏱️No Dry Time Needed 💎Salon-Quality Results 🚀Travel-Friendly Convenience

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L W.
Nice Set of Nails

Customer service is very responsive to help

Kate L.
Try these!

I am so happy I found semi cured nail strips. Going to the salon to get a gel manicure these days cost around 50$ if not more. I cant afford to spend 100+ dollars a month on nails plus the time it takes. I have tried several different brands of nail strips and these are my favorite. Reasons for loving these: 1. These lasted me 10 days before my thumb nail chipped and needed to be replaced. The rest of them are going on 12 days and will likely last me the rest of the week. These nails should last 10-14 days which is amazing. I did add a top layer of clear gel polish and cured as well. 2. The sizes of these gel nail strips are great for wide bed finger nails, which as you can see I need. Some other brands did not fit my nails. 3. The kit comes with little scissors which is way easier to use than nail clippers. 4. It takes about 15 minutes to do both hands and is so easy. 5. There are enough gel nail strips to probably do your nails twice but I havent needed them except to replace my one thumb nail. 6. These look almost as good as getting them done professionally (of course there might be some flaws here and there). I have been complimented twice on these nails, and both people could not believe I did them myself. 7. They are so easy to use and to remove and do not leave damage to your nails like getting them done at the salon. 8. Price point! 16$ to have nails last 2 weeks and look like they were done at the salon.

Easy to apply

Fun and good to apply with the lamp

Sparkles Galore!

Beautiful set and the sparkles are perfect for celebrations!

Surprisingly good

Yes it's thinner than any other brand. I was skeptical about it in beginning. It's thin but it's great size for my nails so I didn't have to pull/strech it
Actually this is the nail after close to 2 weeks. No chips no lift it's sticking strong and look great. It does tho has one that started to lift up-you can know this when your hair started to stuck on it.
I did put a gel top coat on it (as I did to other brands if I'm using it) but this one is actually beyond my expectations. I definitely will get another set!