Classic Coral Matte Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips | Camellia - 5719

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Lesa T.

I can tell you that I had put mine on 2 weeks ago and they have not chipped or came off. Very impressed!!

Chris K.
These things last!

I got tired of the expense and time for nail dips in the salon. I am really impressed with this brand! These looked beautiful for nearly 3 weeks! I work as a nurse so I am constantly washing my hands or using antimicrobial foam. I also did a lot of gardening and cooking with these on. The only reason I changed them after a few weeks is because my nail was starting to grow out. I think the semicured nails are much thicker and last longer than other stick on nails. I paid less than $10 for the UV light. I did put on two coats of ridge filler before using these nails, as my nails were bumpy and rough. There are a lot of beautiful colors and patterns to choose from!

jan j.
Danni & Toni Nail Strips

I love these nail strips..they are much better made than other companies. they are more durable..I have bought many of these nails, have only used a few..but i will continue to buy Danni & Tony nail strips over other brands..

sorry to say...not real fond of the LED lamp...its ok...but i have another lamp that i use a lot more..

Best Gel Nails!!

I have used a few different brands of semi-cured gel nails. These are definitely one of my favorites!! They last 2-3 weeks with chipping or cracking. Looks beautiful and I get constant compliments.

Courtney N.
Easy to do, pretty

This was my first time trying gel sticker-type nails. I'm pretty impressed with how easy it was to apply. Before you put your nails under the light, you can adjust them if you put them crooked at first. I recommend giving it a shot if you are not sure. I'm a sucker for mauve for some reason.