Golden Swirl Abstract Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips | French Caribbean Nights - 0697

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Elevate your nail art game with our Golden Swirl Abstract Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips, a blend of bold creativity and modern sophistication. These luxurious Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips feature a sheer, neutral base with an avant-garde twist of metallic gold swirls that are sure to turn heads. Crafted to emulate the fluidity and sheen of molten gold, the abstract patterns bring a dynamic and artistic edge to each nail, making a statement of refined elegance with an artistic touch. Perfect for fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters looking for a quick, salon-quality manicure, these Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips provide a durable, glossy finish without the need for drying time. The easy application and versatile design make them suitable for any occasion, adding a hint of opulence to both day and evening looks. Transform your nails into a canvas of creativity with this chic and shimmering set that's sure to capture the spotlight.

Customer Reviews

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Very Cute!

Loved these, the patterns were very nice and fun. My only suggestion is a wider variety of sizes!

I thought they were yellow need a smaller option for little finger

I was surprised that these were gold, they looked yellow in the picture. I also had to trim down the narrowest strip
To make it fit my pinkies, not ideal. I’ve had them on for 2 days, they seem to be holding up well, we will see

Michelle R.
Simple and fun

Great simple nail design.

Debi G.
So far I am liking the result

I am really impressed by these. I was surprised by the thickness of them but I think I almost prefer it thicker. Coming from someone who has tried multiple nail methods and used color street nail strips for awhile I feel like these are going to last longer. Unlike nail polish strips I don't have to worry about these ripping when applying. I feel like these are very user friendly compared to nail polish strips. You do need a uv light to fully cure them. I would recommend using nail clippers to trim the excess prior to filing. Looking forward to buying more colors!


Spent the weekend in the pooland beach and they still look good. I did mess up one nail on my other hand, but there are spare ones so just replaced it.

Clear and gold

Fun nails, great new style! Great product and I will definitely purchase more!