Sapphire Elegance - 3334

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Customer Reviews

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Melinda M.
My favorite brand and style :)

I like to get more interesting style ones and saw a lot of the Danni & Toni pedicure options are pretty normal solid colors. Then I found these ones and am HOOKED. They are the best design and also Champaign Toast is good, will keep waiting on some more to try.

Antoniya B.
Elegant Indeed

My first DT pedi set and it is so beautiful! The strips were super easy to apply and there are lots of sizes and accents to choose from. I absolutely love the shattered glass design on the big toe nails. Hopefully, they’ll come up with more similar designs. 💙

Good so Far, Hope they keep adding more colors

These were easy to use and the color is nice. But right now there are only a few pedicure nail colors compared to hundreds of manicure nail ones. Hope they will add some more styles!

Jaime W.
Pretty good!

One thing is that you need to use the nail lamp or else they won't stay on long. But after that they work really well. I also added a top coat for more gloss!

Convenient and good set

Need to use the nail lamp but its cheap to get, overall a great value because the sets also include a lot of tools in each one.

Glad they added Pedi Nails!

I've tried many brands but think DanniToni is the best. Now I'm happy because they finally have toe nail stickers so can get all my nails in one place :)