Elegant Burgundy Gloss Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips | Rosy Embrace - 2386

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Elevate your style with our Elegant Burgundy Gloss Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips, embodying sophistication and timeless appeal. These nails are finished in a rich burgundy hue with a high-gloss sheen that adds an instant touch of luxury and depth to your look.

Customer Reviews

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Carolyn S.
They don’t stay on!!!

I’ve tried many different ones but they just don’t stay on. The lamp seams to be inefficient. The colors are nice but can’t justify purchasing any more because they just don’t work.

Great product

I have been skeptical of these products because I have thin nails that Ive been told that sweat and most products wont attach to. Acrylics do too much damage to my thin nails/nail bed. And the rest just wont stick. I tried these. I did have a few pop off on day one, but then I put new ones on and they stayed on for 6 days.

They cured really well under the UV light and looked good. Loved that the product came with nail scissors, file, nail wipes, and a cuticle stick.

Would highly recommend. Plus they are a small business so I am happy to support them and leave a review!

Sarah C.
Happy with these nails!

This was my first try at using semi cured gel and I am happy with the results. The nails have such a natural feel as compared to acrylics and I dont have to worry about them popping off. During curing the tips curled slightly upward, but it is most likely due to my inexperience rather than the nails.

Helena B.
So easy and so beautiful

I have tried so many different methods of application for the gel nail look - all interesting in their own way - but still, difficult and often a bit messy. But this was so easy!!! And the results were perfect! Not only that, as a florist I am very hard on manicures of any type - but these stood up to the battering really well. When it was finally time to remove them I did what instructed and pinged them all off with the orange stick. What really surprised me was the condition of my nails - when I put the set on I was covering weak nails - but when they came off my nails had grown but weren't soft and weak at all. I am so thrilled and I am looking forward to buying more designs. Thank you!

Sharlene C.

Wasn’t exactly what I expected

Love the Color

This is the perfect pink/purple shade of nails I have been looking for! Usually pink nails are too light but these are really perfect for me~~