Metallic Silver Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strips | Touch - 2483

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Elevate your nail game with metallic silver semi-cured gel nail strips featuring artistic accents and black "Don't Touch Me" text. These sleek and stylish Touch nail stickers provide a lustrous metallic finish that gleams like polished chrome, offering a futuristic twist to your manicure. The set is accentuated with bold graphic designs and a pop of hot pink hearts for a unique artistic touch.

Customer Reviews

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Ashley F.
Practically shines in the dark!

This is not a set I would normally wear; however the mirror shine is incredible! Instead of a darker hue like most chromes tend to be, this is almost a glow-in-the-dark white chrome and it's a head turner for sure!
I would definitely recommend a base because such a high shine is not forgiving of nail imperfections, but the overall quality is the same well known and loved quality of all D&T gels. Super easy to apply.
I would caution doing any extreme kind of stretching, because I feel it may crack the smooth chrome effect but otherwise, if you're looking for a show-stopping shine, this is definitely your best bet!!

Karen H.
Perfect for a cheeky date night!

I am liking this set more than I thought I would!

I was able to do this without the words, though for a date night or a cheeky Valentine’s day it would be perfect with the worded strips.

The shine alone is incredible and the hearts give what would normally be a plain set a little something extra.

Dan L.M.
Mirror Nail!

I’ve long desired to achieve mirror-finish nails, and I’m thrilled to have finally done so with this set. The silver chrome is incredibly shiny, giving my nails a glamorous finish.
I used the “Me” and “heart” strips this time to creat this “Love Me” nail☺️
I highly recommend applying a layer of base coat before using any chrome effect strips to minimize the visibility of any bumps or flaws for a smoother result.

Interesting + Unique Nail Choice

I've tried a number of Danni & Toni nail styles and this one is definitely one of the more interesting ones. The silver base is nice and the text and hearts are noticeable and playful! They are not able to use for formal occasions, but fun for the right situations and easy to apply. Also you can mix the text and hearts on different fingers however you like.