Twilight Shimmer Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips | Twilight - 2423

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Dive into a world of elegance with our "Twilight Shimmer Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips," a luxurious blend of dusky purples and rich berry tones, accented with touches of sparkling glitter. Each nail is a canvas for the night sky, transitioning from deep violet to celestial silver, creating an ombre effect reminiscent of twilight's last gleaming. 

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Joan T.
Love Love this

I absolutely love this color I think it's going to be my favorite. I love the blue copper and the gold just shines. I will have to order this color again.


I am IMPRESSED! I have tried it all; every at home nail system from every polish to dip nails to acrylics etc you name it and this is my new favorite thing! No mess! No liquid or brushes, no stinky fumes or painting my skin, smudging, can’t do anything until it’s dry, takes hours to give yourself a mani…you know the story! Not anymore these semi cured gel nail stickers are legit! Super easy to apply, just make sure you do the prep! the alcohol pads in my kit were as dry as a bone but I just used some acetone, you could use a nail dehydrator if you have that. And speaking of the kit it’s not necessary, if you do your own nails you already have better equipment. If you don’t have a good pair of ‘nail’ scissors get a pair and ditch the ones in the kit, All I need are the nails strips! I’ve tried another brand and they weren’t bad but it took a long time to get them and they had a very limited selection and were too pricey. Not with D&T! They have a great selection and the price is great, plus they have a sale section! And the shipping was very fast and free with a certain sale amount, I bought several sets so free shipping for me! These gel nails are stretchy so you can form them to your nail shape and they look great; a custom fit! You can lay them and remove them if the placement isn’t right before you secure them and cure them too! You can’t mess it up! I like that I can have a super cool nail design with almost no effort! Don’t get stripe patterns though if you think you’ll have to stretch them! The stripes will go wonky! They stay on for 10 days to 2 weeks but will start to grow out and get caught in your hair 🤣 if more than 10 days IMO but it’s great because I like to change my nails often! It helps your natural nails grow too and seems very easy on the natural nail, you’re not starting with liquid that’s got to help! My nails are healthy and long when I remove them I just use acetone and a nail clip with a soaked cotton pad for a minute or so not like a gel soak off from the salon! Don’t be afraid of these, they stretch they are pretty indestructible. my first set was a bit messy because I didn’t realize how pliable they were and I was afraid to do too much with them but I was a pro by my 2nd set which is this ‘twilight’ it’s so sparkly it’s perfect for winter months I love that there are so many variations in the set! It’s super shiny no liquid top coat is needed I am delighted!

Simona C.

All Perfect🤩🤩🤩🤩

Better than other brands I've tried

These nail strips have thicker gel than other ones I've tried so far. They also seem more durable. I like this style because it is glitter (my favorite) and also a lot of different colors you can mix around in fun ways.

Veronica C.
New year, new day sparkle

If you are looking to ring the 2024 new year with sparkle and northern lights theme, this set is IT!! I love D&T’s sizing for my nail beds and the easy application once you have prep your nails and size the strips accordingly. This sparkle ombré yet shimmery look reminds me of northern lights as it shifts sometime 3 colors within one strip. You can never have too much sparkle in your daily mani. I can easily see this set as a well pedi set if you venture and resize some of the strips. Don’t hesitate to purchase, this set is so much prettier in person! Pictures with indoor (@night) lighting, last two photos and outdoor daylight first two photos, but its hard to capture its beauty!

Liz F.
Happy New Year’s Nails!

I am so thrilled with this beautiful set! I chose it to celebrate the new year because the sparkle is so perfect for the occasion. As always, Danni & Toni sizing and application is such a pleasure. Even the file that comes with the set is the best of any brand on the market. Thank you for helping me to ring in 2024 with gorgeous nails!